American Highway

Terms & Conditions

TERMS (Manufactured Products):

Due to the steel market volatility, please carefully read the terms below:

1) Written (PO or email) notice of intent is required within 7 days of bid date for pricing to remain valid.

2) Pricing is valid given the following criteria is met:

   -Receipt of PO no later than 30 days from bid date.

   -Product delivered within 60 days of quote date unless material is built under the MOH program as scheduled by American Highway.

3) Release of order for production upon issuance of PO.

   -Orders must be released 60 days before requote/escalation date.

   -Once purchase order quantities are fulfilled, any additional quantities will be quoted at current market pricing.

4) Freight is invoiced based on freight costs at time of shipment.

5) If job site storage of materials is an issue, please contact us for other options that are mutually acceptable.

6) Upon receipt of PO, American Highway will provide an order acknowledgement confirming lead time.

   -Lead time is based on: date a PO is received, current inventories, production schedule, raw material availability and is subject to change.

7) Pricing above represents a standard basket unless otherwise noted.

   -Please advise if skewed or tapered baskets are required so that pricing may reflect the proper basket.

8) Disposable UV protection covers are available for an additional fee. One cover will provide coverage for up to four pallets of dowels or one pallet of baskets.

TERMS (All Products):

1) Delivered prices are subject to additional charges (when applicable) as imposed by freight carriers, which are beyond our control.

2) All quantities should be considered for estimating purposes only and are not a guarantee of quantities required.

3) Purchase Order from Contractor shall be considered quantities required for the project.

4) Prices are valid only if the entire package is used. Any changes or deletions are subject to re-pricing and must be approved by American Highway.

5) Materials released for production will be invoiced upon completion and are to be paid for within standard terms or late fees will apply. Payment terms: Net 30 days

6) All pricing is FOB jobsite unless otherwise noted.

7) Quote is based on full truckload shipments. Additional freight charges may apply for material ordered beyond quoted quantities, change orders or LTL shipments.

8) Freight off load time is one hour. Additional time will be billed at $50.00/hour.

9) All returns must be pre-approved by American Highway and in sellable condition. Approved returns will incur a restocking fee.

10) Returns will not be accepted after 60 days from delivery or October 1 of the same year, whichever is earlier.

11) American Highway Standard Terms and Conditions apply, a copy of which will be provided upon request.